Cline & Duplissea has provided advocacy services for a full spectrum of clients for seventeen years.   Cline & Duplissea provides advocacy at all levels of state government.  The California State Legislature, state boards and commissions, the Board of Equalization and all of the executive departments under the Governor are regularly lobbied by Cline & Duplissea.  As a State Assemblyman from San Mateo County, Bill served on a number of key committees and in caucus leadership.  During his years as a Member, his key areas of interest were related to labor, employment, business and professions, transportation, economic development, infrastructure, and the annual State Budget Act.

While representing his district, Bill built lasting relationships with his fellow legislators of both political parties.   Over the years this has resulted in relationships with key leadership figures throughout the state.

His legislative experience provided a keen understanding of the legislative process as well as what must be done to move or stop legislation.  In addition to serving in the Legislature, Bill served as a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (which serves nine Bay Area Counties), and was appointed by the Governor to the post of Administrative Director of the Division of Workers’ Compensation.   He was also appointed by the Governor to be the Director of the Office of Manufacturing Retention, and later served as Public Member of the OSHA Appeals Board.  With experience in both the legislative and governmental aspects of California government, Bill has a full picture of how good public policy can be achieved.


Bill has owned a number of small to medium-sized businesses in California. As a medium-sized employer, he understands the incredible challenge it is to be successful in the highly-regulated California business climate.


Having had the opportunity to participate in sports throughout college as well as professionally, Bill knows the importance of teamwork. He prepares thoroughly as he joins each client team, small or large, and immerses himself in their issues. The team prepares a plan and he executes that plan.


University of San Francisco Alumni
Society of California Pioneers
California Historical Society
NFL Alumni
CFL Alumni
Institute of Governmental Advocates
American Legislative Exchange Council


Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in History and Economics – University of San Francisco